12 July, 2014

Chat Session

Okay this is going to be a different and quick post. So i have been writing this blog for about six months now and i completely enjoy every part of it but also struggle to find what sort of things to write about. I'm not 100% sure who actually reads my blog and what you enjoy reading about and it would be much appreciated if you could leave a comment saying what you like to read so i know for future reference haha :p Also is it better when i post photos with my blog posts?

I have hardly had any time to write on my blog recently and sometimes i need motivation as once i begin writing i realise exactly why i love to write on it. I'm also frustrating myself as the majority of my photos aren't even my own, if this bothers you i am extremely sorry as i haven't had the time to take photos, upload onto both my laptops and then insert them onto my blog.

I promise i will try to post more blog posts in the future and i am also going to take your comments into to consideration on what you like to read; if any one even reads my blog ahaha, please comment your ideas and things. Much appreciated x


  1. You should write a blog post about allanah bc she is g8 lel xoxoxooxoxox gossip girl


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