20 December, 2014

Revlon - 'Custom Eye' Mascara

I love, love, love this mascara. It isn't one that i would normally use, but you know how you start using a product after a long time and fall in love with it again.. yeah that was me.

Also please excuse my horrible eyebrows and dark under eye circles hahah..

This mascara has an unusual feature where you can twist the masacra wand and it switches between 'Length and Defenition' and 'Length and Drama.' I didn't think there would actually be a difference, but funny enough i could see the difference. If you look close enough when you turn the wand, you can see the little brush things move. I usually use 'Length and Definition' as 'Length and Drama' has a bit too much volume for my liking and it looks more gluggy on your lashes.

This mascara is the 'blackest black (001),' i usually go for black mascara as having dark lashes makes your eyes look lighter and makes the colour of your eye pop. It is really easy to use however when you're applying it you can't be too excessive otherwise it may come out a bit 'woah,' if you know what i mean. There is a huge difference between my eye with mascara and my eye without, mascara can make such a difference as it defines your face and puts a lot of attention on your eyes. 

I really like the packaging and the size of the bottle as it is kind of small but not too small, if you know what i mean. The mascara itself was a good consistency as it wasn't really wet when you put it on and it doesn't smudge everywhere. It also wasn't dry which is good because it becomes really frustrating when you have to do a billion layers of mascara to start getting it where you want. I really liked the mascara wand as it was thin brushes and they were all spread apart so it gave the look of having full lashes, instead of 4 of them stuck together. This was only $10.00, absolute bargain if you ask me..


18 December, 2014

Lush at Christmas!!!

 I can't explain to you how excited i am for Christmas, i have been in the festive spirit since August.. not kidding. I bought this a while ago and i plan on using it on Christmas Eve, i'm in love with it and i haven't even used it. This smells like a sweet Christmas and it one of my favourite Lush scents, if you've ever tried 'Twilight,' that's the smell it has. It is to die for….

The colours is what attracted me to it in the first place, could you even imagine how amazing that would look when it hits water???? Ive been told that you get out of the bath covered in glitter, i'm not a huge fan of glitter in bath products because it's always a hassle when you get out. The colours and design used makes up for the glitter, i can forgive Lush. But if you like glitter and sparkles then this would be perfect for you! I don't know exactly how much this was, but whatever the price, i would still recommend it to you. 
Lush has so many cute Christmas products and i had to stop myself from buying every single one of them. If you're looking for a nice way to spend your nights leading up to 
Christmas and feeling a bit festive, go to Lush right now and buy everything! Just kidding…you should push through the temptation, unless you want to buy everything, then go for it. What would be a super cute idea is if you bought 25 bath products and labelled them like an advent calendar, so each night you end your day with LUSH and CHRISTMAS… My 2 favourite things :-) 


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