26 October, 2014

M.A.C - BB cream review

 I am pretty devastated that this isn't my colour anymore and that i didn't get to use it all. However while i did use it i found that unlike some Mac foundations it didn't leave my skin thick of makeup it also has an spf of 35+, which i thought was pretty impressive. 

I enjoyed using this as it was a light layer over my skin and you couldn't feel the heaviness of it in my pores. It smoothed over my skin and left it with a small amount of coverage for the days that you may not want to wear a full face of makeup. There isn't much to say other than that i would recommend this to you if you want something that looks natural but also has coverage to hide those small spots. 

I also love the packaging, it has a sparkly outside that reminds me of space, and a matte lid that feels super smooth. This is part of Mac's prep + prime and this particular one is in the shade 'creme teintee.' This is kind of expensive so if you're only looking for a basic BB cream there may be other options for you, however it is a Mac product so what's to expect : )

18 October, 2014

Did someone say Lush?

I can't think of a reasonable excuse as to why the last post i wrote was 
over a month ago, oops.

Usually i only ever buy bath products from Lush, however a while back i was looking for something new and i decided to give the 'Curly Wurly Coconut Shampoo' a whiz. Yes, this shampoo is meant for curly hair and mine is the complete opposite from curly, but the lovely Lush lady told me she uses it and it works wonders for all hair types. With this in mind i marched to the register and bought a $20 shampoo! 

Was it worth it? You may ask, and the answer is DEFINITELY! I have bought this twice now and i can't get enough, it makes my hair feel smooth and i find it makes my hair feel clean and well moisturised. It is however quite a mission while washing my hair, because it is a coconut shampoo it has small coconut chunks in it. This means while washing my hair it looks like i have ultimate dandruff issues.  Like the quote goes 'beauty is pain' ;)

I get the pieces of coconut out by brushing my hair through while in the shower, it works like a charm. This leaves my hair smelling amazing, it has such a strong scent of coconut and I'm obsessed with it. It does look i little gooey in the photo because i took these right after i finished using it, looking back that probably wasn't the smartest idea. For this i just get a small scoop in my hand and rub it through my hair, it lasts for ages and i will be buying it again and again!

So like i said before, this was $20.00 but if you're willing to pay, you won't regret it :-)


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