28 July, 2014

M.A.C lipstick | Fanfare

I was so happy with myself when i bought this as i had been wanting a mac lipstick for forever, was it worth $36? My answer is Y E S !!
Mac literally has the best lipsticks ever, i get so excited when i get the chance to wear it. Fanfare was a really good decision because it isn't an out there colour so it goes with most things. 

Some think it's absolutely ridiculous that people pay $36 for a lipstick but how can you not pry and bow down to it, i don't know if it's the beautiful packaging or the actual lipstick I'm attracted to but  either way, i don't regret it one single bit. 

The lipstick glides over your lips making it a dream to apply, it isn't sheer, it feels so smooth and luscious on your lips and the colour range Mac has is gorgeous. I love this so much because you apply the lipstick in the morning and by lunch time/afternoon you can't feel it on your lips but the colour is there. Fanfare is such a pretty colour and I'm very glad i bought this one as it is very overwhelming trying to choose what colour would suit me because i didn't plan on buying the wrong one and then never wearing it. 

Mac has a beautiful range of colours and i would recommend them 100000/10, so go buy a $36 lipstick because it is worth it!

26 July, 2014


Yet again, i'm doing a different post and i am very pleased with myself.
Recently, i  have been obsessed with making home-made smoothies and juices.

For this specific smoothie, i have:
1 punnet of strawberries
2 ½ bananas 
½ cup of coconut water 
A handful of ice to make it cold
A dab of honey
1 scoop of frozen yoghurt (mango flavour) 

This is probably one of my favourite smoothies as it taste so good & fresh, i usually make one of these on a weekend as it is a great way to start my day. That recipe serves 2 people with a little left over for refills because one glass is never enough. I would highly recommend this smoothie because i think it is super tasty and is simple and easy to make . A standard blender is all you need to make this delicious smoothie.

Room Tour

This is a completely different post than i usually would do, however today i decided to mix it up. Pictures can speak a thousand words so i took some quick snaps of my bedroom for you to get some ideas or inspiration. 

There was no specific style or theme i was going for, i just wanted to have a few bits & bobs that i like and i hoped they would all come together in the end result. 

I'm not going to write a lot for this post as the pictures say it all but if there is any thing you see and like you could leave a comment asking where it is from and i would gladly reply. Also leave a comment if you enjoyed this different post :-)

14 July, 2014

Lush | Think Pink

Sorry if you don't like these Lush posts, i love Lush and they deserve lots of blog posts ;)
Think Pink is definitely one of my favourite Lush smells, it is so sweet and ahhh just so good. I also love the actual bath bomb, it's so cute and when you put it in the bath and it fizzles, little paper hearts emerge from it and it's the best surprise haha. Lush has a variety of different sized bath bombs but this now would have to be on the smaller range, compared to something like the Twilight bath bomb which is quite big. 

I think Lush changed the look of Think Pink, when i bought mine it looked like the pictures above (they're not mine) with the 3 flowers on top. The ones you can buy now only have 2 on them, still cute just not as cute ;) 

Think Pink is one of my faves, even though i say that about every single one i use i mean it ahah. The smell is amazing, I'm pretty sure they have other products with the same smell 'rock star', go give it a whiff! Think Pink is $5.75 from what i remember and i would recommend this 10/10. 

13 July, 2014

Soap & Glory- The Breakfast Scrub

If there was any way of describing how amazing my body feels after using the Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub, you would understand why every single person needs to buy this. (mainly girls- but boys could sure give it a try) I bought this a while ago and am absolutely loving it! I am not a huge fan of the Soap and Glory range as the scent of most of their products aren't the best, but their Breakfast Scrub deserves a round of applause, *claps alone*

The Breakfast Scrub is mainly used to exfoliate your legs and sometimes arms but i prefer to use it on my legs as i have sensitive skin on my arms. I originally thought that there was not really a point of buying an exfoliator because i don't really have a heap dead skin on my legs but i bought it any way to give it a go as it said "more soften than not." If you're a girl you know how amazing it feels to have smooth and soft legs, this makes my skin feel phenomenal, it is literally so crazy how nice my legs feel after using this. 

As you can see in the pictures above (which are not mine), the packaging are two different shapes. This is not because they are two different products, it is just that the first breakfast scrub was a round shape and it seems inconvenient so S&G (Soap and Glory) made the smart move to change it so it is a tub form now. So keep your eye out for the new label and different container (first and second picture).

If you have ever questioned why it is called the 'Breakfast Scrub', this is why. It legitimately smells like a breakfast. On the front label it says it contains organic cupuacu bio scrubs, bananas, almond and honey extracts, which you can definitely smell in it. While writing this post, i am sitting here sniffing it every 5 seconds haha. The Breakfast Scrub smells like maple syrup with a hint of coffee and early morning breakfasts, you need to smell it to understand how good it smells (i am not the only one who thinks it smells amazing).
S&G are not expensive at all as the breakfast scrub was around $24.95, 100% good value for money! I would recommend this as one of my favourite smells and best skin smoother. Tell me what you think if you have tried it! 

12 July, 2014

Chat Session

Okay this is going to be a different and quick post. So i have been writing this blog for about six months now and i completely enjoy every part of it but also struggle to find what sort of things to write about. I'm not 100% sure who actually reads my blog and what you enjoy reading about and it would be much appreciated if you could leave a comment saying what you like to read so i know for future reference haha :p Also is it better when i post photos with my blog posts?

I have hardly had any time to write on my blog recently and sometimes i need motivation as once i begin writing i realise exactly why i love to write on it. I'm also frustrating myself as the majority of my photos aren't even my own, if this bothers you i am extremely sorry as i haven't had the time to take photos, upload onto both my laptops and then insert them onto my blog.

I promise i will try to post more blog posts in the future and i am also going to take your comments into to consideration on what you like to read; if any one even reads my blog ahaha, please comment your ideas and things. Much appreciated x

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