26 March, 2014

Twilight Bath Bombs and A Relaxing Night

Hello again :-)
So, lately i have been obsessed with this store called Lush. 
It has become quite popular lately and i completely understand why, 
it's amazing! If you haven't heard of it you must go check it out. 
Before i go any further i would just like to point out that these are 
NOT my pictures :) The other day i purchased a bath bomb called 'Twilight'. 
I've not purchased this one before so i thought i would give it a go.
For a relaxing night i would recommend: 
The twilight bath bomb, a cold drink of water to keep you fresh and hydrated ;), 
a few candles lit around your bathroom, your favourite body scrub and lotion,
 cleansing products and for the most relaxing part, a book or something to 
entertain you while you sit back and enjoy

Above is the outside of the bath bomb and its quite cute but its not 'really pretty', that is because Lush obviously wanted the super cool colours to come from the inside. The outside of the bath bomb is a really pretty pink/purple colour and once it soaks in the water for a while the inside blue layer makes 
the water turn magical ;) I love this bath bomb so so much and will definitely 
be re-purchasing it. Twilight made my skin super soft like a babies bottom :p
 The main reason i bought it was for its scent, it smells so good, i can't even describe. 

Here is what i attempted to describe before with the inside blue layer 
making the water a really pretty colour :) To make the bath bomb settle in the water i crumbled it into almost quarters and held it under the running tap for a while and this helped with the aroma, making it smell amazing!

And these are just a few more Twilight bath bombs for you to glimpse at so you know what to look for when you go and buy them at Lush ;)
I recommend these and would give it a 9-10/10 for all round everything
you need in a bath bomb! These are around $5.50-$6.00 so please go give it a try if you want to have soft skin, a relaxing and peaceful night
 and awesome smelling skin and bathroom!

25 March, 2014

"Cool" Shoes

I havn't written a blog in what seems like forever, i've just been 
so caught up with my life- 
*cough* wifi *cough* internet.
So as a result of my laziness i decided to finally write a post 
and may i add it feels great to be back ;)  
Down below are some snaps of what i would call my 
'cool' shoes and just some 'cool' information about them...

My Doc Martins, and i may say so myself look brand new..
That is maybe because i went all out and picked these and of 
course now they sit in my cuboard untouched because i have 
NOTHING to wear with them. 
Every time i go shopping my main goal of each day is to buy 
at least two outfits that will match with these 
shoes but of course i get so caught up and forget all about it.
 I promise you the next time i will buy outfits
 to match and i will post a picture of how i styled the shoes :)
These were around $300-$350 and i hope i will get enough 
use out of them so i don't regret purchasing them!


If i'm being completely honest these shoes have not left my 
feet since i opened the box on christmas day..
They are just so comfortable to be in and they are super stylish and 
cute and they match with every thing; when i say everything, i mean everything. There are so many different ways to style Converse and how to make them work for your look. The Converse i own are white- obviously, they are the ones that go just above your ankle and i prefer these over the Converse that come under your ankle as you can't wear really cute socks with them! I always like to style my shoes with a bit of frilly sock out the top or some sort of cute sock of your choice :) These Converse were exactly $90 and i would recommend these a million times as they are my favourite shoes and i love, love , love them! 

These are the cutest shoes, ever.
I don't wear them as much as my converse as i find that if the weather is a
 little warmer now and my feet turn into a sauna when i wear them. 
But don't let that stop you from checking them out because they're amazing..
I actually purchased these while on my Europe trip in Madrid-Spain 
and I'm deeply in love with them, especially because no one else has them here ;) These shoes don't have a 'name' but the brand is "cool way" and i remember all the other shoes they had and i think i was in shoe heaven;-literally. In the photo you can't exactly see the front part of the shoe because of the angle but it is a knitted sort of pattern and the laces are not such a fluorescent pink but more like a soft coral. These shoes look really nice if you wearing a winter attire with earthy colours and individual sense of style :) I don't remember the price for the shoes but it was somewhere in-between 
the Doc Martins and Converse prices so a average shoe price i guess-haha

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