29 June, 2014

Lush Review - Space Girl

Here i am once again, doing a review on Lush. I actually bought 'Space Girl' quite a while ago and i only used it the other night. Since then, i decided it is one of my faves and that i would do a blog post on it. I enjoyed using this as it smells really amazing, feels smooth on your skin afterwards and is just really relaxing in the bath tub. Space Girl is a bath bomb, so once you drop it into the water it fizzes a red and blue and smells so good! This bath bomb cost $5.75 but Lush has recently upped their prices so I'm a bit annoyed about that :(
I would definitely recommend this as i love it and i think most people would. I try to buy a different bath bomb each time from Lush so i can get a variety and experience the lush of all of them :p If I'm willing to buy Space Girl more than once, you know its good. Once again, these are not my photos because i had already used the bath bomb before i was able to take photos of it. 
p.s. It has sparkles on it and its really cute :p


  1. I would love to try this as it looks amazing!! I hope it was an 'out of this world' experience. Haha. I do agree lush products can get pretty expensive :(


    1. Yes, you definitely should!! Hahaha, that was a good joke ;)
      Yeah all of a sudden Lush raised their prices, each time you have a bath its costing you like $12, a bit ridiculous :(


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