29 November, 2014

Gifts from America

One of my close friends Brooke went to America a few moths ago, when she came back she brought me back some gifts! I thought this was so very nice of her, so here is a blog post : )

The first gift was the Maybelline 'The Rocket Volume Express.' I've only used this about twice however i have been very impressed both times. It makes the lashes full but not clumpy and they also make them long and separate. It is waterproof although i would say it is more towards the water resistant. I would recommend this to everyone, especially if you are looking for something that can withstand a small amount of water. 

The Real Techniques shading brush has had so many good reviews that i have heard and read, although i have not got to use this brush yet, i am very excited to. The brush is really soft and isn't hard on the eye, which for me is really important as i have sensitive eyelids, as weird as that sounds.. hahah.

The next is the milk chocolate Hershey's bar, take note that the photo was only the wrapper because i ate it in the space of 5 minuets. There isn't really that much to say other than the fact that it was one of the best things i have ever tasted and it also smelt and taste like mm's. As you can see it was the XL chocolate bar, perfect for me ;)

This next gift is the Maybelline eye pallet, i don't know the official name of it, nor do i know the palette name, great work Dekiah hahah. The colours in it are so pretty, they are the nicest autumnal/earthy brown colours. In the top left corner is the base, it is a really nice white gold shimmer colour, in the top right corner is a champagne/ light brown colour, the colour directly underneath the light brown is a berry shade and that is used for the crease, the last colour is the bigger colour which is a darker brown which is used for the liner. I really love this pallet, i recommend this to everyone! 

The last gift were the two 'eos' lip balms. I have been looking to buy one of these for so long, but my dreams were fulfilled ;) I'm not sure the names of them so ill go by the colours of the packaging, the pastel aqua balm smells like a minty christmas smell. That one is my favourite that I've used as it smells so good and it makes my lip tingle. The pink one smells like a sweet star berry, it smells so good and this one doesn't make anything happen to your lips but i still love it. The fact that it is a rounded lip balm makes the feeling of using it 1000x better. 

I would like to thank Brooke for these presents and i love them so so much. 

You can all follow her on instagram @brookelavercombe 

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