About Me

My name is Dekiah, i am 14 years young and a writer & enthusiast of "life, beauty & fashion" related posts. 

I started this blog in January, 2014 and have since then loved writing on here from day 1. I chose to write about the products or places i have really liked, i know from reading other beauty blogs that it's always good when you are thinking of buying a product & then you see a heap of reviews and it is like the internet has my back. That's why i enjoy writing recommendations and review on the things i loved as it may help another out. 

Months have passed now and over time i have gained a few readers that like to read my posts and it makes me feel good to know people like reading what i have to say. My blog mainly consists of beauty products i have liked; but over time, i wish to expand  my content and travel into the more life and health related things, as well as beauty. 

Thank you to those who takes time out to comment and read my blog as it means a lot to me, i hope that i have helped at least one of you out in any area you have needed it. 
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