26 October, 2014

M.A.C - BB cream review

 I am pretty devastated that this isn't my colour anymore and that i didn't get to use it all. However while i did use it i found that unlike some Mac foundations it didn't leave my skin thick of makeup it also has an spf of 35+, which i thought was pretty impressive. 

I enjoyed using this as it was a light layer over my skin and you couldn't feel the heaviness of it in my pores. It smoothed over my skin and left it with a small amount of coverage for the days that you may not want to wear a full face of makeup. There isn't much to say other than that i would recommend this to you if you want something that looks natural but also has coverage to hide those small spots. 

I also love the packaging, it has a sparkly outside that reminds me of space, and a matte lid that feels super smooth. This is part of Mac's prep + prime and this particular one is in the shade 'creme teintee.' This is kind of expensive so if you're only looking for a basic BB cream there may be other options for you, however it is a Mac product so what's to expect : )


  1. Mac does have great make up if a little pricey ;-) Good review ♡

  2. Good Review



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