28 July, 2014

M.A.C lipstick | Fanfare

I was so happy with myself when i bought this as i had been wanting a mac lipstick for forever, was it worth $36? My answer is Y E S !!
Mac literally has the best lipsticks ever, i get so excited when i get the chance to wear it. Fanfare was a really good decision because it isn't an out there colour so it goes with most things. 

Some think it's absolutely ridiculous that people pay $36 for a lipstick but how can you not pry and bow down to it, i don't know if it's the beautiful packaging or the actual lipstick I'm attracted to but  either way, i don't regret it one single bit. 

The lipstick glides over your lips making it a dream to apply, it isn't sheer, it feels so smooth and luscious on your lips and the colour range Mac has is gorgeous. I love this so much because you apply the lipstick in the morning and by lunch time/afternoon you can't feel it on your lips but the colour is there. Fanfare is such a pretty colour and I'm very glad i bought this one as it is very overwhelming trying to choose what colour would suit me because i didn't plan on buying the wrong one and then never wearing it. 

Mac has a beautiful range of colours and i would recommend them 100000/10, so go buy a $36 lipstick because it is worth it!


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