14 July, 2014

Lush | Think Pink

Sorry if you don't like these Lush posts, i love Lush and they deserve lots of blog posts ;)
Think Pink is definitely one of my favourite Lush smells, it is so sweet and ahhh just so good. I also love the actual bath bomb, it's so cute and when you put it in the bath and it fizzles, little paper hearts emerge from it and it's the best surprise haha. Lush has a variety of different sized bath bombs but this now would have to be on the smaller range, compared to something like the Twilight bath bomb which is quite big. 

I think Lush changed the look of Think Pink, when i bought mine it looked like the pictures above (they're not mine) with the 3 flowers on top. The ones you can buy now only have 2 on them, still cute just not as cute ;) 

Think Pink is one of my faves, even though i say that about every single one i use i mean it ahah. The smell is amazing, I'm pretty sure they have other products with the same smell 'rock star', go give it a whiff! Think Pink is $5.75 from what i remember and i would recommend this 10/10. 

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