13 August, 2014

Earth Bound | Soy Candle

This is literally the best smelling candle ever. The Earthbound is a small company that sells soy candles,   (obviously) and all sorts of things along those lines such as soaps & melts. 

I was at the markets one lovely Sunday morning and i came across quite a few candle stores. In the first picture there is the most adorable candle ever, it's lavender scented and it has a super pretty design on the front. The Earthbound first pulled me to their store because everything was set-up really classy & elegant. 

I really love this candle as it smells amazing and usually i have it lit for around half an hour-an hour and it leaves my room smelling of lime basil & mandarine. The candle smells really fresh and fruity, perfect for maybe a cool Summer/Spring night. Is it weird to say that it smells super healthy? Obviously you can't eat it.. but if you could i bet it would be good for your body! 

I loved this candle because it smells fantastic, i also love the fact that it's a small family company & the store at the markets looked so inviting. I would recommend this candle and all other products as I'm sure they won't disappoint. 

(We also bought doggy soap for my puppy, the excitement never ends!)



  1. The natural soy candle's aroma is much more intense and cleaner than the scent from paraffin. Because of the lower melting point of pure integrity candles, an immense amount of the liquid wax pool around the candle wick itself. This pool is where the essential oils evaporate into the atmosphere. Soy candle


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