16 August, 2014

Pamper Night

 It isn't all that often when i can have a me night where i just relax, take a bath and do little things that i enjoy doing. 

I usually start off the night with a bath, for this night i was using the 'Rose Queen' bath bomb and it was amazing, it was such a nice spicy/sweet smell and it was so pretty in the bath. Once you dropped the bomb into the water, i found that it took a little time for it to fully disappear because it had so much content inside of it. Rose Queen is beautiful, after it has been in the bath for a while all the flower petals come out and they feel very smooth & moisturising on your body, while make the bath look amazing.

I would then move on to using my after products..

Reniu | Coconut Sugar Rub
 I mostly is this for dry areas around my face & occasionally on my legs. The coconut scrub feels so beneficial on your skin, it's made from all natural ingredients and it is one of my favourite scrubs. This smells exactly like coconut & sugar, it's a very delicious smelling combination. 

The Breakfast Scrub
i have previously written a blog post on this and you can find it here…. :)

The Body Shop is one of my favourite places to go to when i am in need of a moisturiser or cleanser. This 'Vitamin E Gentle Face Wash' works a treat! It is so moisturising and leaves me with a clean & fresh face after wards. I love this product because it is inexpensive, beneficial & just a really great wash.

I cleaned myself with this while in the bath, i always love using this when i take a bath because it's not an exfoliator so it's super smooth on your skin, also because it smells amazing. The Body Shop is on top of their game when it comes to the scents of their products. This is such a good wash as it leaves my skin feeling super clean & fresh.

Vitamin E Cream
This is just a regular moisturiser that you could buy at the super market or drug store. I really enjoy using a moisturiser with Vitamin E because it protects my skin & leaves it feeling hydrated and smooth. Redwin (the brand) always does a great job of making cleansers & moisturisers. 

Lip Butter | Nivea
I am not 100% sure if i love this product as the smell kind of puts me off and I've been meaning to try the others in the range because this lip butter is really good. This doesn't really smell like caramel & cream but it's a really affordable product that leaves my lips looking smooth & well taken care of. Some lip balms leave a white cream residue on the lips and it can be kind of frustrating and thats why i enjoy this one. It would be better with a different smell and better packaging because it is quite hard application. 

I absolutely love this, it has to be one of my favourite task masks ever, this leaves my skin feeling the best it has ever been. It smells super fresh (not really like a cupcake) & i love this product. Later down the line i will be doing a separate blog post on this, so keep your eyes peeled! 

After my bath, my moisturisers and what not i like to make myself a nice warm chai latte (my favourite drink in the world) while pairing it with a few pineapple lumps & dark chocolate to snack on. After preparing the food i like to cosy up in my room, watch a movie and have some laptop time. 



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