13 July, 2014

Soap & Glory- The Breakfast Scrub

If there was any way of describing how amazing my body feels after using the Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub, you would understand why every single person needs to buy this. (mainly girls- but boys could sure give it a try) I bought this a while ago and am absolutely loving it! I am not a huge fan of the Soap and Glory range as the scent of most of their products aren't the best, but their Breakfast Scrub deserves a round of applause, *claps alone*

The Breakfast Scrub is mainly used to exfoliate your legs and sometimes arms but i prefer to use it on my legs as i have sensitive skin on my arms. I originally thought that there was not really a point of buying an exfoliator because i don't really have a heap dead skin on my legs but i bought it any way to give it a go as it said "more soften than not." If you're a girl you know how amazing it feels to have smooth and soft legs, this makes my skin feel phenomenal, it is literally so crazy how nice my legs feel after using this. 

As you can see in the pictures above (which are not mine), the packaging are two different shapes. This is not because they are two different products, it is just that the first breakfast scrub was a round shape and it seems inconvenient so S&G (Soap and Glory) made the smart move to change it so it is a tub form now. So keep your eye out for the new label and different container (first and second picture).

If you have ever questioned why it is called the 'Breakfast Scrub', this is why. It legitimately smells like a breakfast. On the front label it says it contains organic cupuacu bio scrubs, bananas, almond and honey extracts, which you can definitely smell in it. While writing this post, i am sitting here sniffing it every 5 seconds haha. The Breakfast Scrub smells like maple syrup with a hint of coffee and early morning breakfasts, you need to smell it to understand how good it smells (i am not the only one who thinks it smells amazing).
S&G are not expensive at all as the breakfast scrub was around $24.95, 100% good value for money! I would recommend this as one of my favourite smells and best skin smoother. Tell me what you think if you have tried it! 

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