11 May, 2014

Outfit Post

So yes, my second post this week, whooo! I thought i would do a quick outfit of the day.
This is the outfit, really simple and conveniently, the plain grey rolled sleeves tee that i usually style
with the outfit was in the wash when these photos were taken so this shirt was the next choice. 

So, the plain see-through sleeveless drop singlet i purchased from Cotton On
was $24.95

The flannel i styled by tying it around my waist is a really cute style piece and i also
 really like this shirt because you can wear it as a t-shirt if it gets a little cooler. 
I purchased this from Zara, this was £39.95 

  The glossy leather looking tights are really easy to 
style as they're black; obviously and can go with anything. 
I rolled the bottom of them so they didn't tuck into the converse, adding a bit more
style ;) The leggings were purchased at Sports Girl and cost $62
The white Converse were bought at Converse; shocker..They were $90.
Hope you enjoyed looking at what i wear, haha.

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