08 May, 2014

Girls Got to Have Curls

Hello : )
So i haven't posted on here in ages, 
mostly because i didn't have aaaaanything to write about :( 
But now i do, so here it is haha

So I've really been liking curling my hair lately because naturally, 
my hair is straight. Most people straighten their hair but i like to 
spice things up every now and then with a bit of curls;)

To get this messy curl look i used the Corioliss Pro Curler, 
which i purchased in the Red Leopard Collection Box Set, the curler comes
with a protection glove for when you need to use your hand to 
hold the hair in place-which i don't usually use.
I especially love this curler as you don't need to use a 
heat protectant so you won't get damaged hair once you have used it.

I especially love the Corioliss brand because it never leaves 
my hair feeling dry and/or as if i need to wash it afterwards. 
I also find myself having to use little hairspray to hold the curls
and when i do i prefer using the Vo5 ultimate firm hold just because 
it doesn't leave my hair stiff and crispy. 

The finishing prices of the Red Leopard Collection ended up being
around $330, including the curler and flat iron straightener
And in case you're wondering the Vo5 hairspray is around $6.50

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