02 June, 2014

Kiss Kiss

Just note, these are not my photos :-) I recently purchased a Revlon balm stain in the colour 'Love-sick'. I have been wanting a crayon shaped lipstick for ages now and i finally found a colour that suits me well, or at least that's my opinion ;) I think that this product is so nice to wear fancy or casual, the colour of the pictures and the lipstick itself are not the colour it looks like on your lips as it looks quite berry like and dark, but in fact when you wear it, it is actually quite pink & vibrant. The lipstick is shimmery/sparkly but once it's on, it is actually a smooth matte kind of look. I love, love, love this product and i am really impressed by the lasting colour and how it leaves my lips moisturised and soft afterwards. I look forward to purchasing other colours in the Just Bitten Kissable Collection from Revlon as the other balm stains seem quite promising. Honestly i was a tiny bit scared to try the balm stain as, you know, i didn't want pink lips for the days to come but i think the name can perceive you as the colour stays on your lips for 12 hours, you just can't feel it there. You know when you wear lipstick and you rub your lips together you can feel it on your lips, i assumed that once i stopped feeling the lipstick on my lips the colour had just washed away. The concept of the colour stain is so you will have the pretty constant colour on your lips up until you wipe the colour off. I was very pleased with this product as i wasn't 100% keen on getting Revlon as i heard better things about different brands, but hey, i have to say i am very impressed. The cost of this balm stain was $9.95 and it is definitely worth every cent! 

{These are not all of the Just Bitten Kissable balm stains, just a few from the Collection} 

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