26 March, 2014

Twilight Bath Bombs and A Relaxing Night

Hello again :-)
So, lately i have been obsessed with this store called Lush. 
It has become quite popular lately and i completely understand why, 
it's amazing! If you haven't heard of it you must go check it out. 
Before i go any further i would just like to point out that these are 
NOT my pictures :) The other day i purchased a bath bomb called 'Twilight'. 
I've not purchased this one before so i thought i would give it a go.
For a relaxing night i would recommend: 
The twilight bath bomb, a cold drink of water to keep you fresh and hydrated ;), 
a few candles lit around your bathroom, your favourite body scrub and lotion,
 cleansing products and for the most relaxing part, a book or something to 
entertain you while you sit back and enjoy

Above is the outside of the bath bomb and its quite cute but its not 'really pretty', that is because Lush obviously wanted the super cool colours to come from the inside. The outside of the bath bomb is a really pretty pink/purple colour and once it soaks in the water for a while the inside blue layer makes 
the water turn magical ;) I love this bath bomb so so much and will definitely 
be re-purchasing it. Twilight made my skin super soft like a babies bottom :p
 The main reason i bought it was for its scent, it smells so good, i can't even describe. 

Here is what i attempted to describe before with the inside blue layer 
making the water a really pretty colour :) To make the bath bomb settle in the water i crumbled it into almost quarters and held it under the running tap for a while and this helped with the aroma, making it smell amazing!

And these are just a few more Twilight bath bombs for you to glimpse at so you know what to look for when you go and buy them at Lush ;)
I recommend these and would give it a 9-10/10 for all round everything
you need in a bath bomb! These are around $5.50-$6.00 so please go give it a try if you want to have soft skin, a relaxing and peaceful night
 and awesome smelling skin and bathroom!

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