06 September, 2014

Lush! Lush! Lush!

 I haven't written a Lush post in a while as i'm trying to vary what i write about. Although every now and then it is necessary to write a good ole' Lush post. Here i have 2 Lush products that i decided to give a go because they both smelt amazing. 

This smells exactly like berries, only better. You just plop this bomb into the bath water and watch it fizz away a magical purple, it contains bergamot and frankincense oil which is fantastic for your skin. These oils are used to calm your stress levels and to relax you, also in the centre you will find a cute note that will most certainly make you smile. The Blackberry Bath Bomb makes the water & of course your skin feel smooth and silky. It smells fresh, uplifting and warm, which is why i enjoy it so much. I will recommend and will be re-purchasing over and over.

First of all i love the name of this bath melt and second of all this is the best thing in the entire world. I can't even describe how much i love this, this may not be everyones pick of a Lush product but for some reason i have grown attached to this. My whole bedroom smells like this bath melt from it just sitting, imagine how amazing my bath and skin felt afterwards. It smells so sweet and ahh, i just love it so much. Of course i will be recommending this and buying it over like i already have, haha. 


Which Lush purchase do you always go back to? : )


  1. I love LUSH!!! If I had a better bath tub I'm pretty sure I'd buy out all of their bath bombs.


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