07 September, 2014

August Favourites

If i wait any longer to do this post, it will be Christmas.. haha
Obviously it isn't August any more, however here i am doing my August favourites. 
I'm not going to write massive paragraphs on every item because we will be here for hours, literally. 

The first thing is 'Meow' by Katy Perry, i wear this all the time as it is one of my all time favourite scents and the bottle is super cute. I'm absolutely rubbish at describing smells so i can just say that it smells sweet and fruity in a way. Also can i just point out that it has rose gold, rose gold i tell you! I will later be doing a separate post about the perfume so keep your eyes open for that! 

The second item is the mineralise skin finish powder by Mac, this is the best. It doesn't make your skin feel or look cake, it sets really well and its just really nice to apply. This is in the shade medium, which i think is a shade darker to usual, however it still works. 

This is quite an odd thing, but i thought it was necessary as it is one of my all time favourite things to play. This is Cluedo, it is actually so fun to play and i love it, not just in August but in every month and every year. This is by far my favourite board game as it gets so suspenseful and competitive (especially between my family), therefore it happens to end up in my favourites. 

Another random favourite is my JBL speaker, i use this all the time because sometimes when i'm alone in my room and my music is jamin', my phone and laptop volume just doesn't cut it. This saves my one man party as it has really clear and good quality sound, you just push the little plug and BAM, party! It would be better if it had bluetooth but using the cord works fine too. 

Lush makes awesome shampoos and it just so happens that one of them ends up here. The 'Curly Wurly coconut shampoo' is in fact made for curly hair, however mine is the complete opposite. I continue to use it because it works magic on my hair, it leaves it so moisturised & smooth. The only down side to this is there are pieces of coconut in the shampoo so in the shower i have to brush the bits out. 

The last item from the pictures above is a lipstick from Rimmel's Kate Moss collection in number 22. This is quite a bright red and i love it so so much. It glides on and stays on, which is what i love about it. Unlike some lipsticks i have previously tried, it doesn't leave my lips dry and wrinkled, instead it leaves a soft and smooth feel. This is so great as it is a cheap drug store alternate from a high street lipstick and it looks amazing on your lips. 

These two other favourites aren't in the photos because its an album I've been loving & an online store.

The album i have been obsessed with is Iggy Azaleas 'New Classic.' I am aware this has been out for a while now and i have been listening to it since it came out and it never gets old! I love it so much because some of the songs have a really deep meaning and you can hear it in the lyrics, also it's just a really good album. 

The final thing i have been loving through August is Asos online, i don't have access to an Asos store so i find shopping online is more convenient for me & i don't really have a choice because there isn't an Asos store in Australia that i know of. I love Asos as all their clothes are so cute and there is a wide range of styles and trends, however it is a bit pricey. 

I hope you enjoyed this very long August favourites : )


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