04 February, 2014

Tony & Guy: Salt Spray

I don't think its possible to love something so much, my Tony and Guy 
salt spray has literally taken over my hair.
 It's amazing because it is still good for your hair even though it adds 
volume and texture to it. Usually, i have the spray in during the day 
so by night when I'm going to bed it's very simple just to brush it out of my hair, (so you don't have to worry about gross hair if you've just washed it.) 
The reason i love this product so much is because for me it is an alternative choice for hairspray, it doesn't hold my hair in place but it does do everything else the same as hairspray. Did i mention it smells really goooood? I think even the bottle is quite cute and professional, it's also good for its money. It isn't even that expensive, my bottle was on special for $12 and they're usually around twenty dollars- ish. I wonder if Tony and Guy are friends, or is it the same person?… hahaha

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