29 November, 2014

Gifts from America

One of my close friends Brooke went to America a few moths ago, when she came back she brought me back some gifts! I thought this was so very nice of her, so here is a blog post : )

The first gift was the Maybelline 'The Rocket Volume Express.' I've only used this about twice however i have been very impressed both times. It makes the lashes full but not clumpy and they also make them long and separate. It is waterproof although i would say it is more towards the water resistant. I would recommend this to everyone, especially if you are looking for something that can withstand a small amount of water. 

The Real Techniques shading brush has had so many good reviews that i have heard and read, although i have not got to use this brush yet, i am very excited to. The brush is really soft and isn't hard on the eye, which for me is really important as i have sensitive eyelids, as weird as that sounds.. hahah.

The next is the milk chocolate Hershey's bar, take note that the photo was only the wrapper because i ate it in the space of 5 minuets. There isn't really that much to say other than the fact that it was one of the best things i have ever tasted and it also smelt and taste like mm's. As you can see it was the XL chocolate bar, perfect for me ;)

This next gift is the Maybelline eye pallet, i don't know the official name of it, nor do i know the palette name, great work Dekiah hahah. The colours in it are so pretty, they are the nicest autumnal/earthy brown colours. In the top left corner is the base, it is a really nice white gold shimmer colour, in the top right corner is a champagne/ light brown colour, the colour directly underneath the light brown is a berry shade and that is used for the crease, the last colour is the bigger colour which is a darker brown which is used for the liner. I really love this pallet, i recommend this to everyone! 

The last gift were the two 'eos' lip balms. I have been looking to buy one of these for so long, but my dreams were fulfilled ;) I'm not sure the names of them so ill go by the colours of the packaging, the pastel aqua balm smells like a minty christmas smell. That one is my favourite that I've used as it smells so good and it makes my lip tingle. The pink one smells like a sweet star berry, it smells so good and this one doesn't make anything happen to your lips but i still love it. The fact that it is a rounded lip balm makes the feeling of using it 1000x better. 

I would like to thank Brooke for these presents and i love them so so much. 

You can all follow her on instagram @brookelavercombe 


  1. Hello! I'm just scrolling around your blog, it's so cute! How sweet of your friend to get all this for you! Question, does that EOS lip balm work for you? In my experience, it kind of just sat on my lips doing nothing ... Can't wait for more of your posts :)


    1. Hi, yes it was very nice of her. :) But i found the pink eos didn't have much of an effect in comparison to the blue one as it fizzes on my lips. They didn't do wonders for my lips however i found they did their job.. Thank you! x


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