24 January, 2014

You Smell Nice

This is my collection of some of my favourite smells, Red Door by Elizabeth Arden, the Justin Bieber's Someday perfume and finally, the Japanese Cherry Blossom by the Body Shop. 
And yes, these are my pictures : )
                (My favourite perfumes)

             (Red Door, Elizabeth Arden)

               (Someday, Justin Bieber)

      (Japanese Cherry Blossom, The Body Shop)

I, personally always feel like finding the right perfume that smells nice on me is impossible. Each of the perfumes above all have a very different smell, one is sweet, the other is almost like an antique warm sort of smell while the final one can seem quite fruity. Each individual perfume can smell different on anyone, you may think it smells amazing on you and on the other hand, you might walk past someone and they could think you stink! Thats why i would recommend asking someone if you smell okay before you leave the house, well thats what i do any way. Out of the three that are above, if you're looking for a refreshing smell i would definitely reach out to the Cherry Blossom by the Body Shop, each time i wear it i get quite a lot of compliments and people asking me where i got it from. It smells amazing, it's not too pricey and its an easy bottle to carry if you travel around. Red Door is another great perfume, this is a tricky one to wear because i have heard a lot of reviews from different people saying it doesn't smell all that great on them, but again, it smells different on everyone. It is a little expensive, although i have quite a large bottle it is still a little pricey. Just to be sure that it smells good on you before you buy it, i would highly recommend spraying the tester and then make your decision based on whether it smells okay. The final perfume is Someday, by Justin Bieber. This perfume was a gift and i was a little surprised as it wouldn't be something i would usually try, but in saying that, it smells amazing! The bottle is a little inconveniant as the large flower on the top is kind of annoying if you want to carry it around with you, but don't let that stop you from giving it a go! In my opinion, i think this is a kind of smell that will suit almost everyone, it just depends if you like a sweet/fruity kind of smell. On the money side of things i wouldn't say its too expensive, depending on the size of the bottle you want, but still, it's not a hugely priced perfume.
I hope maybe now you might go check out some of these amazing smells and tell me if you liked them or if they suited you.

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